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Energy Audits in Conyers, GA

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How much energy is your home using? You pay your bill every month, but do you know if your home is working as efficiently as it could? This is where Premier Heating and Air’s energy audits in Conyers, GA come in handy.

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We can evaluate your home’s total energy consumption, including a breakdown of which appliances and systems use the most. This can help you curb habits, make improvements, and adjust your home’s thermostat to stay more energy efficient and safe.

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Energy Audit

An energy audit is an extensive assessment of your house to discover how efficiently it uses energy. But the audit goes beyond providing you with numbers. It delivers recommendations for how to improve home performance and make your home "greener" than ever.

Here is what you can expect from the service we provide:

  • A load calculation to determine how much heating and cooling a home needs for comfort.
  • A blower door test. This lowers the air pressure inside the house, causing air to rush in from outside. The auditors use this to determine where there are air leaks in the building envelope.
  • An inspection of the lighting.
  • An inspection of the HVAC system and the water heater.
  • A close look at the attic, specifically its insulation.
  • An examination of windows and doors, which are a main source of energy loss.

Home Energy Efficiency

Once our auditors have completed the assessment of your home, they’ll work with you to find out the best ways to improve your home energy efficiency. We can help your home achieve LEED certification, which is the most common "green building" ranking system in the US. Some recommendations we may make for your house include:

  • Replacing inefficient older heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Sealing and repairing faulty ductwork.
  • Improving attic and wall insulation.
  • Air sealing for leaks in the building envelope.
  • Better window and door installations.
  • The installation of energy recovery ventilators.
  • Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lights.

We offer many of these services, and we’ll be happy to schedule service for insulation, HVAC installations, ductwork repairs, and more.

Energy Assessment

Does your house need an energy audit? You may think that an extensive energy assessment for your home is unnecessary. But we strongly recommend any house have it done at least once. Your house may have been wasting energy for years without you realizing it. We also recommend you schedule an audit when you purchase a home or if you are thinking of selling your current one—the improvements made based on an audit can significantly increase property value.

Providing energy audits is another way that Premier Heating and Air seeks to give our customers in Conyers, GA and elsewhere in South Metro Atlanta the best home comfort and savings possible. We aim to provide full satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, tell us and we’ll correct what we did wrong.

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