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Duct Services in Conyers, GA

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Air ducts represent an important part of your home’s HVAC system. Without proper ductwork, your heater or air conditioner won’t be able to properly transport the comfortable air throughout your home. Work with Premier Heating and Air for expert duct services in Conyers, GA.

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Installing and maintaining air ducts represents a feat of engineering that should be avoided by homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. We can take care of your duct needs like installation, repairs, maintenance, and more!

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Air Duct Testing

You can’t see the ductwork in your home, but you can detect signs you need air duct testing to find out if duct repair or air duct replacement is necessary: A rise in heating and cooling bills. Musty odors wafting from the vents. The ducts rattling when the AC or heater comes on.

However, we also recommend air duct testing on a regular basis, every three to four years, so we can catch problems early. To test the ducts, we seal off the ventilation system, change the pressure inside the ductwork, then measure the speed of the pressure drop. We’ll know what work needs to be done after that.

Air Duct Sealing

Ducts with air leaks are common, and many homes will need air duct sealing at some point. Only trained professionals, like our EPA-certified technicians, can perform this job. So-called "duct tape" from the store isn’t useful! Our technicians locate the leaks through duct testing, then use a range of methods like caulking and metallic tape to make the ductwork airtight again. Once the ducts are sealed, the ventilation system won’t lose up to 30% of the air moving through it. Yes, that’s how bad duct leaks can be!

Air Duct Cleaning

The ventilation system picks up dust, lint, dander, and other debris over time. This will cut into the HVAC system efficiency, and it also harms the home’s indoor air quality, particularly for people with allergies and asthma. Professional air duct cleaning is a job you can trust to our team. We use the best equipment to not only clean out the collection of debris in the ducts, but to also perform duct sanitizing using a special fogging machine. This isn’t a level of service you won’t find from other local HVAC contractors.

Air Duct Replacement

Ducts may have damage more severe than air leaks. Our testing may show a need for air duct replacement, and this is another service we can provide. You can put your trust in our team to see you have an HVAC system that keeps your family comfortable and healthy and your pocketbook protected from cost spikes.

Premier Heating and Air has served Conyers, GA and South Metro Atlanta since 2001, and we’ve earned a reputation for value and good service every time. From duct testing to duct sanitizing, we’re the people to call for your home’s duct services.

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