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About Us

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In 2001, our company was founded by Nathan Slater with a dream of providing customers with efficient and convenient solutions to their home HVAC problems. As the world got more complicated, Premier Heating and Air kept things simple and is still recommended by loyal customers today.

  • Same-day service and competitive pricing
  • Family owned and operated
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services

Not every company has the track record that we do. Our craftsmanship, friendly technicians, and satisfaction guarantee gives customers every reason to schedule an appointment with their local Premier Heating and Air team!

You can count on Premier Heating and Air for your HVAC needs. Experience the Premier Difference!

A Letter From Nathan, Our Founder

"I was twenty-one years old when I started my Heating and Air business in Glenwood, GA. I started with hope, prayer, and $5000 that I borrowed from my Grandfather. I was eager to get started, so with the money, I purchased parts to repair heating and AC systems. I never considered finding customers. This is where the Hope and Prayer came in. I knew how to repair Heating and Air systems, but I knew nothing about running a business. The first few years were tough.

Eventually, I hired my first employee, my mom. She felt sorry for me, so she agreed to work for $50 per week. I tried to talk her down on the price, but she held firm.

After trial and error, we began to operate a successful Heating and Air business. Our business soon thrived.

One lesson we learned early on was that when a customer purchased a heating and air system, what they really wanted was a company that would take care of them ’after the sale.’ We built Premier Heating and Air on serving and being loyal to our customers in the best way possible. We aim to keep our customers happy and comfortable.

We have continued to grow our business, first opening new locations in Dublin, Perry & Warner Robins, Conyers, Sandersville, and Forsyth, GA. We have since opened locations in Maysville, Kentucky, Petersburg, Indiana, and our newest location in Nashville, Tennessee.

I have since paid my grandfather back the $5000 I borrowed, but I held on to the Hope and Prayer.

Thanks kindly!

Nathan Slater"

We Encourage Feedback!

Have a complaint? We’ll gladly listen to it! We encourage customer complaints because they are vital feedback on how we can change and grow as a company. A complaint means that a customer isn’t happy with our work, and we need to hear about it.

How can we offer the best possible service to our customers and offer superb satisfaction if we don’t learn from our mistakes and work hard to improve? This is why our customers come to us year after year–because they know we’ll always listen and we never stop doing our best.

We’re proud to guarantee that you’ll be happy with the work we provide, or your money back!