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Ductless Systems in Conyers, GA

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What if we told you that your heating and air conditioning could all be done without air ducts? For residents who are retrofitting their old houses or apartments, to customers who are looking for the most high-efficiency systems on the market, Premier Heating and Air can help.

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Ductless systems are heat pumps that can work via air handlers strategically set up throughout your home, instead of having a centralized unit that requires air ducts. If that sounds like a good setup for your home, then schedule an appointment today.

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Ductless HVAC Installation

A ductless heating and cooling system is different from the standard split air conditioner. First, it’s a heat pump, so one installation is for both ductless heating and air conditioning. Second, it works through wall-mounted indoor units placed around the house, rather than a single unit sending air through a duct network.

When you arrange for a ductless HVAC installation with our licensed technicians, they’ll set up an outdoor unit (similar to a standard AC) and then put wall-mounted units that connect to it throughout the rooms where you need comfort.

Why the Ductless Mini Split AC and Heater Is Beneficial

There are many advantages to this type of heating and cooling system:

  • Flexible installations that can work for homes without any ducts, replacing ugly and inefficient window air conditioners.
  • Excellent for providing comfort to parts of the home that are difficult to heat or cool.
  • High energy efficiency thanks to lack of heat gain and heat loss through ductwork.
  • Zone control—you only need to run the units in rooms needing comfort.
  • Improved air quality because there are no dusty and lint-clogged ducts.
  • Perfect for renovating a home or for add-on rooms and garage/attic conversions.

Ductless HVAC Replacement

You will need to have your ductless system replaced eventually, although you can often get more years of life from it by replacing individual wall-mounted units if they fail. Because these systems do not use ductwork, it is a straightforward job for our technicians to put in a new ductless mini split heat pump that will match your home’s needs—and even improve them if you have changes in your household that are creating different comfort requirements. We always aim to give customers complete satisfaction with our ductless HVAC replacement services.

Ductless HVAC Repair

When one of the wall-mounted units in your ductless system fails or indicates it may fail, we can offer the same-day ductless HVAC repair service necessary to get you back on track. When you encounter bigger HVAC troubles, we’re able to take on those as well, same-day service guaranteed. We also offer ductless HVAC maintenance, which will keep away those repairs.

At Premier Heating and Air, we’re proud to install Daikin ductless HVAC products, which are some of the finest available. As with all our installations, we offer a one-year guarantee: if you aren’t happy within a year, we’ll replace the unit at no cost. We’re the contractor to rely on for comfort in Conyers, GA and South Metro Atlanta.

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