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Home Performance in Conyers, GA

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How energy efficient is your home? Are there leaks and areas where improvements can be made? Or perhaps you’re ready for an upgrade like a smart thermostat. Premier Heating and Air’s home performance evaluations can help you reach your efficiency goals.

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Our EPA-certified technicians are vital in helping homeowners identify energy waste while making improvements that can save money on energy bills and allow for more sustainable heating and cooling.

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Home Performance

What does home performance mean? Think of your house as if it were a large, complex appliance, rather than a collection of various appliances and household systems. A house uses energy, and it can use it inefficiently—in fact, it often does. A home that gains heat during the hot weather, as well as humidity, and then loses that heat rapidly in winter, has poor home performance.

The purpose of home performance services is to address the issues a home has with energy efficiency, comfort, and health. It’s a whole-house approach that can make a tremendous improvement in many aspects of your life.

Home Performance Service

What can you do to improve home performance? How can you even know your house needs home performance services to improve it? We offer the assistance you need:

  • Energy Audits: This is the starting point for all home performance boosts. When you arrange for an energy audit with our team, we’ll come to your house and perform a full analysis of how your house operates as a system. Our technicians will find places where the house is losing energy, such as the discovery of air leaks and other gaps in the home’s envelope (its heat seal). We’ll then present you with our findings and what can be done to improve home performance.
  • Insulation: A primary service for superior home performance is to increase the insulation. Older homes especially may lack enough insulation to keep a house energy efficient during the year. We can provide the insulation you need with fiberglass insulation and convenient blown-in insulation.

Air Sealing

The "leaky house" is one of the biggest detriments to quality home performance. Thanks to one of our energy audits, we can pinpoint the leaks in your home’s thermal envelope. We’ll then use special technology to close those air leaks and give you a "sealed-up home." (Don’t worry, we can help with ventilation!) Schedule the audit first, and our Premier Heating and Air technicians will get you started.

We’ve been a family-owned company since we began serving Conyers, GA and South Metro Atlanta almost two decades ago. We rise above the competition with our dedication to great customer service, competitive pricing, and unmatched quality. Work with us for the best home performance.

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