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The Premier Maintenance Plan

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An HVAC system can last well into its second decade as long as it has been maintained and tuned up every year by a licensed professional. At Premier Heating and Air, we’re proud to offer one of the most robust and comprehensive maintenance plans available–and for a price that our customers are happy with.

  • Maintenance performed by EPA-certified technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

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The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Are you interested in purchasing a maintenance plan, but you’re not quite sure if you’ll benefit from it? Take a look at all of the excellent benefits you can get by signing up today:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower the likelihood of surprise repairs
  • Protect your system’s warranty
  • Discounts on repairs, waived fees, inflation protection, and more!

Maintenance isn’t just a one-and-done service either. With each year of maintenance, you get more value out of our plan, granting you fewer repairs and breakdowns than someone without a protection plan.

Efficiency Is Everything

Efficiency impacts your day to day life. From your heating or cooling bills, to the comfort of your home, an inefficient HVAC system will cause you numerous hassles. Our maintenance plan is designed to mitigate these issues by allowing a licensed technician to inspect and adjust your system accordingly with each passing year.

Stay efficient and in control of your budget and home comfort by scheduling your first maintenance appointment today!

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