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Home Performance in Forsyth, GA

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Have you considered the energy efficiency of your home? Are there potential leaks or areas where enhancements are possible? Maybe you're contemplating a modern upgrade like a smart thermostat. Premier Heating and Air offers home performance evaluations tailored to assist you in achieving your efficiency objectives.

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  • EPA-certified technicians

Our team of EPA-certified technicians plays a crucial role in aiding homeowners in pinpointing energy wastage and implementing improvements. These enhancements not only lead to savings on energy bills but also enable more sustainable heating and cooling practices.

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Home Performance

Understanding home performance involves viewing your house as a sophisticated, large-scale appliance rather than a collection of individual systems. Houses can inefficiently consume energy, often experiencing issues like heat gain in hot weather and rapid heat loss in winter, indicative of poor home performance.

Home performance services aim to rectify issues related to energy efficiency, comfort, and health, adopting a comprehensive, whole-house approach that can significantly enhance various aspects of your life.

Home Performance Service

Curious about improving home performance? Wondering if your house requires such services? We’ve got you covered:

  • Energy Audits: The initial step in boosting home performance, our energy audit involves a thorough analysis of your house’s operational dynamics. Our technicians identify energy losses, such as air leaks and gaps in the home’s envelope, and present findings along with recommendations for improvement.
  • Insulation: A key service for optimal home performance is enhancing insulation. Especially in older homes, inadequate insulation can compromise year-round energy efficiency. We offer fiberglass and convenient blown-in insulation to address your insulation needs.

Air Sealing

Tackling the issue of a "leaky house," our energy audits pinpoint thermal envelope leaks. Using advanced technology, we seal these air leaks to provide you with a well-ventilated, sealed-up home. Schedule an audit with Premier Heating and Air technicians to kickstart the process.

As a family-owned company serving Forsyth, GA, and South Metro Atlanta for nearly two decades, we stand out through our commitment to excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and unparalleled quality. Choose us for top-notch home performance.

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