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For your HVAC system to achieve optimal efficiency and performance, it's essential for your home to have effective insulation. Whether it's wall materials or attic insulation, Premier Heating and Air is the trusted team for insulation work in Sandersville, GA.

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Enhancing home insulation results in a higher R-value, an efficiency rating indicating the resistance to heat or air conditioning escaping from your house. To delve deeper into insulation measurements, give us a call on our hotline or schedule a service.

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There’s a common misconception that insulation is only crucial in cold weather. In reality, insulation plays a vital role in both heat and cold conditions. Its primary function is to impede the transfer of heat. On a chilly winter night, well-insulated homes retain most of the HVAC system’s heat indoors. Similarly, during scorching summer days, insulation prevents excessive heat from entering, easing the air conditioner’s workload. Effective insulation stands out as one of the most effective ways to enhance energy efficiency.

An area where insufficient insulation is often found is the attic—an integral location for insulation. Heat loss occurs through the attic in winter, and during summer, it absorbs substantial heat from rooftop sunlight exposure. Our recommendation is to have our technicians assess if your attic requires additional fiberglass insulation or other enhancements.

Insulation Installation

Installing additional insulation in a house becomes a seamless task with trained home performance experts. We utilize various insulation types to ensure optimal coverage. For instance, blown-in insulation is effective for filling the interior of walls without extensive tear-down. It is also beneficial for sealing challenging areas where fiberglass insulation batts may struggle, such as attic corners. We also work with traditional fiberglass insulation to ensure complete attic coverage, tailoring the insulation type and strength (R-value) to your needs.

Insulation Replacement

Aging, humidity, and pests can damage insulation, diminishing its effectiveness. Water damage, in particular, hampers its ability to impede heat transfer. If you notice increased drafts or stuffiness in your house, contact Premier Heating and Air. We can assess if insulation replacement is necessary, and this evaluation can also be part of an energy audit.

Serving Sandersville, GA, and surrounding areas since 2001, we have built a reputation for unparalleled customer service, quality work, and competitive pricing. If ever dissatisfied, let us know, and we’ll address any shortcomings.

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