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Home Performance

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Evaluate the energy efficiency of your home—detect leaks and pinpoint areas for enhancement. Whether you're looking to address inefficiencies or upgrade to a smart thermostat, Premier Heating and Air's home performance evaluations are designed to help you achieve your efficiency objectives.

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Our EPA-certified technicians play a crucial role in assisting homeowners by identifying energy wastage and implementing improvements that lead to cost savings on energy bills while promoting more sustainable heating and cooling practices.

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Home Performance

Consider your house as a substantial and intricate appliance rather than a collection of various systems and appliances. Just like any appliance, a house consumes energy, and often, it does so inefficiently. A poorly performing home is one that gains excess heat and humidity during hot weather, only to rapidly lose that heat in winter.

Home performance services aim to tackle issues related to energy efficiency, comfort, and health within a home. It takes a comprehensive approach, significantly enhancing various aspects of daily life.

Home Performance Service

Wondering how to enhance home performance and determine if your house requires such services? We offer the support you need:

  • Energy Audits: The starting point for all home performance enhancements, an energy audit involves a thorough analysis of your house’s overall system. Our technicians identify energy loss areas, such as air leaks and gaps in the home’s envelope (heat seal). The findings and recommendations for improving home performance are then presented.
  • Insulation: An essential service for superior home performance involves enhancing insulation. Older homes, in particular, may lack sufficient insulation, impacting year-round energy efficiency. We provide fiberglass and convenient blown-in insulation to meet your needs.

Air Sealing

A "leaky house" is a significant impediment to quality home performance. Through our energy audits, we identify thermal envelope leaks, using specialized technology to seal them, resulting in a more airtight home. Don’t worry; we ensure proper ventilation. Start with the audit, and our Premier Heating and Air technicians will guide you through the process.

As a family-owned company serving Sandersville, GA for nearly two decades, we distinguish ourselves through our commitment to exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and unparalleled quality. Choose us for the best in home performance.

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