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AC Installation

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Is your home prepared for the installation of a high-efficiency central air conditioning unit or heat pump? Maybe you're considering an upgrade from your old window unit. No matter your starting point, Premier Heating and Air is here to guide you to a contented state with a new AC installation in Sandersville, GA.

  • EPA-certified technicians
  • Competitive pricing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether you're a first-time air conditioner investor or a returning customer content with 15 years of service from us, we're delighted to assist homeowners at any stage.

You can’t go wrong with Premier Heating and Air in Sandersville. Schedule an appointment today and Experience the Premier Difference!


Central AC Installation

The basic type of cooling system homes in the area use is the central AC. Also known as a "split system," this is the familiar kind with an outside condenser and an inside unit that sends cooled air through the ductwork to the different rooms. Although this is a common set-up, that doesn’t mean anything about central AC installation is easy. Quite the opposite!

You want our EPA-certified technicians to handle your central AC replacement or installation, because they’ll get the job done right the first time, guaranteed. They will start with accurately sizing the new unit so it meets your comfort needs without wasting power. Then they’ll get the old AC system out and the new central AC in place in no time so you can enjoy the finest cooling for your household. We offer a variety of central AC services in Sandersville, including repairs and maintenance.

Heat Pump Installation

We also offer heat pump installation and replacement for homes that want the combination of cooling and heating in a single unit. Heat pumps are similar to air conditioners, so you don’t have to make a major adjustment if you have a heat pump replacement for a standard AC and furnace.

You’ll find that heat pumps are excellent matches for our weather conditions, since they are both powerful air conditioners and energy-efficient heaters. Many people prefer the heat that comes from a heat pump to that of a furnace.

Ductless AC Installation

If you live in a house without space for ductwork, you can still enjoy excellent cooling around the rooms with a ductless AC installation or ductless AC replacement. Rather than a standard split-system, ductless systems have mini splits: smaller indoor units attached to one outside unit. A ductless AC replacement is great to get rid of a dependence on window air conditioners. Plus, most ductless AC units are heat pumps, so they provide heating as well.

If you’re wondering, "Where is there great AC installation near me?" you’ve already answered your question by reading this. For residents of Sandersville, GA, Premier Heating and Air is the contractor to call for installation and replacement of ACs, heat pumps, and ductless systems. We aim to make you happy, so if we ever fall short, simply tell us and we’ll make it right.

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