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Commercial Air Conditioning in Dublin, GA

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During scorching summer days, nothing holds more significance for a customer or building tenant than reliable air conditioning. Collaborate with Premier Heating and Air's experts in commercial AC in Dublin, GA, and transform your establishment into a cool refuge from the outdoor heat.

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Benefit from our extensive training and durable, well-established brand-name systems, ensuring a seamless experience in finding the solution you require when working with our team.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Perhaps you have recently gotten the keys for a new commercial space in Dublin, GA that needs an effective AC system, or maybe you are just fed up with using an armada of fans and window units to try to keep things cool. Whatever your reason, you need to have a commercial AC installed. Don’t try to do this yourself or save a few pennies with amateur service. When you need commercial air conditioning installation service, you should only trust the professionals.

Our team is here to provide the commercial AC installation service you need. We can assess your commercial space and will get you set up with the best professionally installed and sized industrial air conditioner.

Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement

While commercial air conditioners are built to handle a larger job than the standard residential AC, they aren’t going to last forever. When your commercial AC system starts to really struggle to keep your space comfortable no matter what you do to try to help it, it means that you likely need a commercial air conditioning replacement.

Needing to replace you commercial cooling system is never fun but that doesn’t mean it is something you should delay. The sooner that you get your old system replaced the better for your comfort in your commercial space.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Surprisingly, the indicators that your commercial AC is struggling are ones that you might be familiar with if you have a central AC system at your own home in Dublin, GA. Signs you need to schedule a commercial air conditioning repair service soon include:

  • Lukewarm air: Is the air coming from the vents in your commercial space truly cool or is it merely lukewarm? If the air coming from your commercial AC is getting warmer, it means that something needs to be fixed before you are just paying for an oversized fan.
  • Odd noises: Sounds like hissing, rattling, screeching, and clanging are never good. These can all indicate a multitude of repair needs that should be addressed ASAP, otherwise they run the risk of causing an expensive breakdown.
  • High bills: We know that running a commercial AC system isn’t exactly going to be cheap, but it shouldn’t bankrupt you either. If the cooling bills have become egregious, it is more than likely that your system needs a repair.

When your commercial cooler is acting up, don’t ignore it. Instead, reach out to the team at Premier Heating and Air to set up a repair service that will get the issue resolved.

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