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Energy Audits in Nashville, TN

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Have you ever wondered about your home's energy consumption and whether it operates at peak efficiency? Monthly bills tell part of the story, but Premier Heating and Air's energy audits in Nashville, TN provide a valuable solution.

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We analyze your home's overall energy consumption, providing a detailed breakdown of the most energy-intensive appliances and systems. This information empowers you to adjust habits, make enhancements, and optimize your home's thermostat for increased energy efficiency and safety.

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Energy Audit

An energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, aiming to unveil how effectively it utilizes energy. Beyond presenting numerical data, the audit offers recommendations to enhance home performance and elevate its "green" credentials.

Our service encompasses:

  • Load calculation to determine the necessary heating and cooling for comfort.
  • A blower door test, reducing indoor air pressure to identify air leaks in the building envelope.
  • Inspection of lighting, HVAC systems, water heater, attic insulation, windows, and doors—key sources of energy loss.

Home Energy Efficiency

Post-assessment, our auditors collaborate with you to devise optimal ways to boost home energy efficiency. We can guide your home towards LEED certification, the most prevalent "green building" ranking system in the US. Recommendations may include replacing outdated HVAC systems, sealing ductwork, enhancing insulation, addressing air leaks, upgrading windows and doors, installing energy recovery ventilators, and transitioning to LED lights. Our array of services covers insulation, HVAC installations, ductwork repairs, and more.

Energy Assessment

While you may deem an extensive energy assessment unnecessary, we strongly advocate for it at least once. Homes can unknowingly waste energy for years, making periodic audits essential. We recommend scheduling an audit upon home purchase or when contemplating a sale, as audit-driven improvements can significantly boost property value.

Offering energy audits is yet another avenue through which Premier Heating and Air strives to provide optimal home comfort and savings for customers in Nashville, TN. We prioritize complete satisfaction—if you’re dissatisfied, let us know, and we’ll rectify any shortcomings.

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