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How Your Ductwork Can Become Leaky

Monday, February 13th, 2023

You would never set sail on the ocean, or even a small river or lake, with a leaky boat. But plenty of homeowners are content to run their heating and cooling systems with leaky ducts. They often don’t realize that they have ducts with leaks, but even if they do know, they may shrug it off as not that big a deal.

Although leaky ducts won’t put your life at risk the way a leaky boat would, it’s still not a good situation. When ducts develop air leaks, they cause several problems for a home:

  • A rise in heating and cooling costs because of all the air that’s getting away
  • Poor comfort, with hot and cold spots appearing around the house and poor airflow from the vents
  • Dust and other unwanted particles getting into the the ductwork and then into the living spaces

The best way to counteract this problem is to arrange for professional duct sealing in Riverdale, GA with our team. We’ll use our training and the best tools available to make your ducts airtight once again.

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Ways to Tell You May Need Air Duct Sealing

Monday, June 20th, 2022

We’ve written in previous posts about how leaking air ducts can steal money from your heating and cooling budget without giving you an extra bit of comfort. Quite the opposite, in most cases!

When you have leaking air ducts, the best course of action is to call our team to test the ducts, gauge the extent of the problem, and seal the leaks to restore the airtightness of the ventilation system. When it comes to duct services in Conyers, GA and throughout South Metro Atlanta, we’re the team you can trust to get the job done.

This raises a good point, however: If you can’t see the ductwork in your house because it’s hidden in the walls and up in the attic, how can you know you need air duct sealing? There are ways you can detect the problem so you know it’s time to call us.

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A Heating Repair You May Not Have Thought Of: Fixing the Ducts!

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

You want your heating and cooling system to function efficiently, but you aren’t sure what kind of heating repairs in Decatur, GA that it needs to operate at its best.

One item to add to your to-do list is repairing your ducts. The ducts are responsible for transporting cool or warm air from the central portion of your HVAC system to different areas of your home.

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of fixing your ductwork, including a few signs that your ducts need repairs.

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Want to Pay Less for Heating This Winter? Here’s What You Can Do

Monday, December 6th, 2021

When cold weather arrives, the cost to heat your house rises. That’s common sense and you expect it, just the way you expect to pay more to run your AC during the summer.

You’d like to pay less for home heating, of course, but you may not think that’s possible. “Heat costs are what they are,” you might say. But the truth is really that heating costs are often more than they should be. You don’t have to be a fatalist about heating costs—you can take steps to pay less and still enjoy comfort. 

We offer several heating services in Conyers, GA that can help you wrangle control over your heating bills this season. There are also several steps you can take on your own to help. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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How Your Ductwork Could Be Costing You Money

Monday, October 25th, 2021

What is the condition of your home’s ductwork? You probably don’t have an answer to this question because you can’t see most of the ducts in the house. They’re hidden in walls, ceilings, and the attic. That makes it easy to not think about the ducts much at all, as if they won’t change over the years.

But ducts can suffer damage, sag with age, and have troubles due to poor installation. This can lead to the ducts having air leaks. These air leaks are how your ducts could become costly for you—seemingly small problems that turn into energy thieves. This isn’t a rare occurrence, either. Many homes unknowingly have leaky air ducts for years and don’t realize they’re paying more to heat or cool their homes than they should.

We want to help you stop leaky ducts from gobbling up money. Below we’ll look into the trouble with leaky ducts, how to detect them, and what to do about them.

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When Should I Schedule Duct Testing?

Monday, March 29th, 2021

Right now!

Okay, maybe we jumped the gun there—but we usually find that when people wonder if they need to have some service done on their ductwork, they need to have duct testing. In other words, if you think something is wrong with your ducts, something probably is. 

We can give you a more detailed breakdown on when to schedule duct testing and why. Just follow us below.

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Your Ducts May Need to Be Sealed Before Winter

Monday, October 26th, 2020

Have you prepared your home heating system for winter? It’s not difficult to do—you only have to call a McDonough, GA, HVAC contractor to arrange for heating maintenance. We recently wrote about our excellent HVAC maintenance program and its benefits. It’s the best place to start for better and more energy-efficient comfort for your home this coming winter. 

This isn’t the only task your friendly local HVAC contractor can help you with for winter preparations. You may not realize it, but the ductwork in your house might have holes and gaps letting air escape from them. Leaky air ducts are a major problem for any home, but professionals can fix them with duct sealing services. If your house has leaky air ducts, we strongly recommend you schedule duct sealing before winter weather arrives.

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