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Always Keep Up With Heater Repairs, Even at the End of the Season

Monday, February 26th, 2024

If your heater has a malfunction right now, but it isn’t yet affecting how much comfort your house is getting, which thought comes to your mind?

  • “I need to have this fixed as soon as possible.”
  • “Well, it’s not that bad, and I won’t need the heater soon anyway. I’ll get to it later.”

If it’s the first, you’re on the right track! You can call us for heating repair in Maysville, GA and we’ll be out soon to help you. 

If it’s the second, we understand the feeling—but it’s important to resist that feeling. Any repair issue with a central heater, no matter how “minor” it might seem, is something you must have dealt with as soon as you can arrange it.

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Did You Have Higher Heating Bills This Winter? Let’s See Why…

Monday, February 19th, 2024

We recommend you look over all your heating costs for the winter. Look over your monthly heating bills and add them up. Compare them to the previous few winters. Has the cost risen a substantial or surprising amount? If the answer is yes, it’s something to look into closer to see if you can make a change.

We’re experts when it comes to home heating in Sandersville, GA, so we know something about why you may have higher heating costs. Follow along below and we’ll point out where our team can help you.

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Don’t Leave a Faulty Heater Without Repairs at the End of Winter

Monday, February 19th, 2024

When you can see the end of the winter weather just over the horizon, the excitement may cause you to neglect your heating system. Yes, you’ll still run it when you need it, and keep running it until the warm spring weather finally settles in. You may, however, ignore indications that the heater is malfunctioning and neglect to arrange for the proper heating repair in Nashville, TN to address the problem.

Procrastinating on a faulty heater at the end of winter is a natural reaction—but it’s not a good one! Repair for a heating system is always a priority, as we’ll explain below.

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Why All the Rooms in Your House Aren’t Getting Warm

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Uneven heating is a common problem that people face in their homes during winter. The central heating system is running, parts of the house are warming up to comfortable levels, but some rooms stay cold. If the house has always had this problem, then the issue is likely poor insulation in those rooms. You can improve the insulation or ask our HVAC team for options like using ductless mini splits to help those hard-to-warm spots.

If, however, the uneven heating is a new phenomenon, the HVAC system is probably the culprit. We’re going to look at what might be wrong with the heater and recommend the appropriate heating service in Decatur, GA that may be able to correct it.

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Ways to Lower Those High Heating Bills

Monday, January 1st, 2024

The winter weather means you have to use your heating system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in your home. And that also means you can expect to see higher energy bills each month. There’s no way around some increase in your energy costs during winter (unless you’re committed to living in unsafe and miserable conditions), but you don’t have to have the costs become unreasonable. 

If you think you’re currently paying too much to heat your home, you can take several steps to lower those costs. Below are several key ways to get those bills under control.

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We’re Getting Cooked! Why Is My Furnace Overheating My House?

Monday, December 18th, 2023

Staying toasty warm in your home during winter is a pleasure. But you definitely can get too hot to the point where running outside into the cold feels refreshing. If you keep the thermostat in your home set at a pleasant temperature (we recommend 68°F during the day to help save energy), you shouldn’t have a problem with just the right balance of winter comfort.

Unless your furnace has other plans. If your house feels abnormally warm when the furnace is running, you may need to schedule furnace service in Conyers, GA with the Premier team to see what needs to be done. In this post, we’ll look at some reasons that your furnace has decided to crank up to heat to uncomfortable levels.

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Can a Furnace Corrode?

Monday, February 27th, 2023

If you’re asking this question and looking for answers online, it’s probably because you think you’ve found corrosion on your gas furnace in Conyers, GA. Or perhaps you’re curious because you have an older furnace and you want to know what can happen to it as it ages. Whatever the reason, we’re glad you asked because corrosion is an important topic when it comes to furnaces.

So the simple answer is, Yes, a gas furnace can corrode. It’s not something you want to happen, and it’s often a warning that the furnace needs to be replaced.

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What to Do About Uneven Heating in Your Commercial Property

Monday, January 30th, 2023

Commercial spaces present big challenges when it comes to heating and cooling them. Even smaller commercial facilities are larger than the average-sized home and have far more people in them. Businesses often contain large, heat-creating equipment and have special climate requirements. For example, server rooms need to have specialized cooling and ventilation to prevent computer equipment from overheating.

One of the major challenges for commercial heating is ensuring proper heat distribution. A home may be able to get away with a few rooms that are colder than the others, but this isn’t something that should occur in a commercial space (unless by specific design, such as in a server room). If you begin to hear complaints about cold spots in your commercial business from employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc., it’s something you’ll want fixed. We’ll look at the ways our professionals can help improve your commercial heating in Covington, GA when it’s uneven.

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Is Your Upper Floor Getting Too Hot When the Heater Is On?

Monday, December 19th, 2022

Heat rises. This is a basic scientific fact that most people learned in elementary school. It’s also a fact that can turn into a problem when you live in a two-story home. Heat moves through the floors to collect at the top of the building, creating too much warmth in second-floor rooms.

When you use a central heating system for your house, you expect the heater to provide an even distribution of warmth to all the rooms. But you may run into the problem of an overheated upper floor in your home when your heating system is running. You have the heater sending heat to both levels, and then heat from the lower floor rises to the upper floor, resulting in temperatures possibly too high for comfort.

Is this something you just have to “deal with”? Or are there solutions?

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Why Won’t My Electric Furnace Heat Up Enough?

Monday, November 21st, 2022

Because we don’t get winters as deeply cold as more northern states, many of our homes can get by through the winter with the power of an electric furnace. Electric furnaces don’t have the heating capacity of gas furnaces, but they can still do the job of providing warmth around a house. They also have the advantage of fewer malfunctions and long service lives. 

But the reliability of an electric furnace isn’t ironclad. You may run into a problem where your electric furnace turns on, but you aren’t getting the usual level of heat from it, even if you crank up the thermostat as high as possible. What’s causing this?

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