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Understanding the New AC Efficiency Ratings (EER2/SEER2)

Monday, April 22nd, 2024

We recently discussed the benefits of choosing a high-efficiency air conditioning system for your next installation, looking at how these units consume lower amounts of power to produce quality cooling levels. This brings up another question, however, which is how this efficiency is measured.

A few years ago, we’d have a basic response to explain the AC efficiency measurements universally used in the HVAC industry. But times have changed and we now have a new system in place. It’s not as complicated as you may fear, especially if you weren’t familiar with the previous system. As part of the air conditioning service in Conyers, GA we provide, we’d like to go through the current efficiency measurements for air conditioning systems.

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If You Lose Refrigerant, It Is a Sign of a Problem

Monday, April 25th, 2022

In order for your air conditioning system to operate the way it is supposed to, it needs refrigerant. This substance is vital to the cooling process. That said, we’d like to address a common misconception about it: refrigerant does not get used up.

If your system is starting to lose refrigerant, it isn’t because the refrigerant is being used as a fuel would be. Your refrigerant runs within a closed-loop system. When the air conditioning system starts to lose refrigerant, it means that the AC has a leak. A leak in one of the refrigerant lines is something that requires prompt repairs. We’ll explain more about refrigerant leaks below.

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Do You Need to Retire Your Air Conditioner?

Monday, July 19th, 2021

Having your air conditioner break down likely isn’t your worst fear, but it is probably up there on the list, especially during the summer season. When temperatures are high and the humidity at its worst, you want to have an AC that is working well. That is why, if your AC is ready to retire, you’ll want to get this task taken care of ASAP.

Coming to a professional team like ours for your AC replacement and other air conditioning services in Warner Robins, GA guarantees that the job will be done in a timely manner and done right the first time around. But first, you’ll need to have an idea of whether you really do need a replacement. Let us give you the information you need to determine if you might need to replace your current AC so you know if the time has come to call in one of our AC experts.

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Summertime Tips to Stay Cool

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Georgia seems to have turned up the heat, which means a lot of us will be holing up at home and trying to keep cool a little more often. If you have an up-to-date air conditioning system, keeping cool shouldn’t be all that hard–paying the energy bills might be tough, however!

Sometimes those monthly energy bills will be a lot more expensive than you expected and it may be because your air conditioner is having to fight to keep things cool. With that said, we are happy to tell you that there are a few different ways to help your AC system out so you can stay comfortable without a high price tag.

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