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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Maysville, KY

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As the proud owner of a new or high-efficiency air conditioner, prioritizing maintenance is crucial. Opting for our maintenance program is an investment that guarantees extended system functionality, minimizing the need for repairs and preserving efficiency.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • EPA-certified technicians
  • Same-day service and competitive pricing

Experience substantial benefits for your home budget by joining our maintenance club, where competitive advantages, affordable rates, and additional perks await.

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Central AC Maintenance

We provide a range of central AC services in Maysville, including tune-ups and maintenance. Regular maintenance for a central air conditioner offers numerous advantages, both immediate and long-term:

  • Reduced repairs: Approximately 85% of the repairs a central AC might need can be prevented with annual maintenance.
  • Extended service life: An air conditioner without yearly inspections and tune-ups will last only about half its anticipated lifespan.
  • Lower utility bills: Regular maintenance prevents the decline of the AC’s energy efficiency rating, ensuring your regular utility bills remain reasonable.
  • Increased capacity: A well-maintained air conditioner operates more efficiently and provides more dependable service.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintaining a heat pump differs from air conditioners. If you’ve owned a heat pump for at least a year, you likely know the main difference: the heat pump requires two annual maintenance visits, one in spring and another in fall. Since the heat pump functions as both an AC and heater, it necessitates the same attention as separate AC and heating systems. We offer various heat pump services in Maysville, including maintenance, tune-ups, repairs, and more.

Our technicians perform similar tasks each season—checking refrigerant pressure, cleaning coils, testing motor amperage, etc.—ensuring the stress of summer doesn’t affect winter and vice versa.

Ductless AC Maintenance

Indeed, ductless air conditioning systems also require regular maintenance. As most ductless systems are heat pumps, they need maintenance twice a year. During ductless AC maintenance, technicians handle standard refrigerant and compressor checks and perform other tasks for the outdoor cabinet. They also inspect each indoor air handler to ensure there are no leaks or issues with their blowers. This guarantees you enjoy all the expected benefits from your ductless AC system.

Join Our Energy Savings Agreement

Relax and entrust all your air conditioning maintenance needs to our team by signing up for our maintenance plan, the Energy Savings Agreement. As a member, you’ll receive spring maintenance for your air conditioning and winter maintenance for your heater. Alongside routine maintenance benefits, you’ll enjoy perks such as no overtime charges, priority customer status, inflation protection, and a transferable agreement if you sell your house.

Our EPA-certified technicians at Premier Heating and Air ensure you receive top-notch service in Maysville, KY, and throughout the middle Georgia area every time.

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