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Indoor Air Quality Services in McDonough

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Premier Heating and Air has served McDonough, GA and South Metro Atlanta since 2001, and we’ve been family-owned and operated from the start. We understand the stresses and problems families in the area can have with their household indoor air quality, particularly dealing with high humidity and poor ventilation.

We have solutions to IAQ troubles, from air filters and UV air purifiers to extensive work on air ducts, and we offer fantastic customer service, competitive pricing, and overall high value on every job we do.

If we ever fall short, just tell us and we’ll do all we can to make it right!  Contact us today

Air Duct Services

The ventilation system in a home is easy to take for granted because it hides from sight as it does its job. But leaky ducts and ducts filled with too much dust and dirt can make life much less pleasant in a home and seriously affect HVAC system performance and energy efficiency. We have ways to solve these problems! Our EPA-certified technicians offer duct testing, duct cleaning, and duct sealing that will get your ventilation system in peak shape. 

Air Filtration and Air Purifier Services

Are you concerned that your McDonough, GA home’s air is filled with unwanted particles? Weather you have dust and lint or microbes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) circulating in your home, Premier Heating and Air has the air filtration and air purification systems to clean them out. All it takes is calling our technicians and they’ll find out which systems you’ll need installation for the best air quality.

We guarantee same-day service or you don’t pay!

Whole Home Humidifier and Dehumidifiers

High humidity is one of the biggest obstacles to relaxing in your house during summer. When the relative humidity level rises above 60%, a hot day can become miserable. We install whole-home dehumidifiers to get this under control, which also helps prevent water damage and mold growth.

Have dry-air problems in winter? We can help too with a whole-home humidifier. You can rely on us to come through for you and provide quality service every time.